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Seeley Doll Molds
S433 SFBJ Pouty 252
S433 (Outside corner broken)
SFBJ Pouty 252
Probaby fits a 7" Baby or Toddler body

S433 - Click to Enlarge
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Ingrid S&H151
S158 (Ingrid)
S & H
Fits Body mold ALB9302
Fits Comp Bodies GB11S, GB12S, GB110S

S158 Ingrid S&H 151
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S143 (A Marque I)
Fits A9143 Arm Mold
8 1/2" wig
12 mm eyes

S143 A Marque I
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S142 (Marque II)
Fits A9142 Arm Mold
7" wig
10 mm eyes

S142 A Marque II
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Collectible Doll Co
176 Collectible Doll Co - Bru Jne 4 - Chloe
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176 Collectible Doll Co
Bru Jne 4 "Chloe"
Head circ 5 1/4 in
Doll size 8 1/2 in
Fits B532L Byron Arm Mold

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For Sale:

All molds in excellent condition - cast very few times for personal use - located in Montana. Most heads are French! - Michelle Johnson - email: dolls7 "at"

I have lots of porcelain doll molds I'm trying to sell. If you have any interest I can tell you what kind. I'm looking to sell the lot cheap. Thanks, Mike (Email for phone)

Wanting to Buy:

Wanting to sell:

Molds can be shipped from here or to you with the shipping paid. Also, payment is received by money gram thru Walmart stores. I won't ship any mold that will not meet my standards. I have 1000 dolls to sell. I need to help pay my medical bills.

Molds are located in Nebraska...I'm selling them by doll maker. Thanks for taking a look. Dianne (email for phone)

Payment Options: Email us and we will give you the total cost including shipping. We welcome payments through PayPal (Click the PayPal button below), or money orders.

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